Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Email Security

• Reduce email risks for clients with better detection rates, including for zero-days and embedded malicious URLs and files.
• Scan all emails in seconds prior delivery to end-users, instead of relying on up to 20 minutes scans that can result in email delivery delays or post-delivery detection
• Simplify management complexity with easy to provision and manage email security, instead of other tool’s complex solution that requires costly security expertise to operate
• Leverage incident response service and 24/7 support included at no cost for clients

Security & DLP

Can your business risk data leakage?
Are you losing data without even knowing it? As your business grows, the risk of sensitive data being breached increases at an alarming pace. Small and medium businesses need to remove the risk of sensitive and / or regulatory-protected information from leaving their company. The perpetrators may not only be hackers — they could also be your own employees who leak data, unknowingly. Whether accidental or malicious, data loss can occur through many channels such as email, web, USB drives, and via uploading to the cloud — potentially costing you millions.

Can you Protect your Data with sure shot Protection ?
Rethinking risk in a post-pandemic world
For most companies, the COVID-19 pandemic era has accelerated a shift to not only a changing work dynamic involving “work from anywhere” policies for companies, it also has increased the sophistication and frequency of malicious cyberactivity. Malware and the sophistication of attacks have evolved rapidly in only a few years, and the growing remote and hybrid work environment has raised the risk factor by significantly increasing the potential attack surface of businesses

What are the most common threats facing small businesses?
The number one threat faced by small businesses is a ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts your data so that you cannot view or utilize it unless you make a ransom payment to the threat actor who may or may not unencrypt it. Other commonly faced threats include malware, phishing via malicious links, and zero days.

Disaster Recovery

Enhance your ability to recover data from a disaster and keep your employees productive
Many organizations go beyond backup and implement a Disaster Recovery Program that enables their data, applications, and systems to be available almost instantly in the event of a disaster. A cloud backup solution protects your company’s data so you can always restore your critical business systems, which could take days or weeks to bring the applications back online. In the case of a severe outage like one caused by fire or human error, we can help make your systems available rapidly with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). When it comes to critical business systems and customer-facing services, each hour of downtime costs money and jeopardizes your reputation. A single unplanned downtime can cost an SMB an average of $82,200 to $256,000, according to the IDC. DRaaS minimizes recovery time by quickly and securely spinning up the defined systems in a cloud data center. That means in case of a serious outage you can count on getting back to business quickly

File Sync & Share

Acronis Files Advanced is an easy, complete, and safe access, sync, and share solution, providing IT with complete control over business content to ensure security, maintain compliance, and enable BYOD. Employees can use any device to securely access corporate files and securely share content with other employees, customers, partners, and vendors. Designed exclusively for enterprise organizations, Acronis Files Advanced transforms mobile devices, including BYOD, into a natural extension of your business.
Easy the easiest file access, sync, and share solution for enterprises to install, administer and use.
Complete a complete, best-in-class solution for enterprises to transform mobile devices into a natural extension of their business.
Safe with the most advanced Policy Engine on the market, the only solution with comprehensive security and controls to manage users, apps, and Data


Simplify remote monitoring, management & Protection of your endpoints with Automated Patch Management, Inventory Control, Vulnerability Management, ML-based Smart Alerting all via Remote Desktop & assistance. This ultimately streamlines your workflows, saves time & reduces the number of human errors. Comprehensive Vulnerability assessment & patch management ensures systems are up to date, proactively prevents attacks on systems vulnerabilities & mainly keeps productivity levels high by promptly addressing software issues.

Advanced Backup

• Increase Productivity & Automation
• Delivers the most secured Backup
• Protects more workloads on more platforms
Acronis Backup delivers File-level, disk-level, image and application backups on popular workloads like Mac, Windows, Linux, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Hyper-V, VMware, and more. It provides flexible backup storage options with Acronis anti-ransomware protection. Also has options for Immutable backups, Archive encryption via Incremental and differential backups. Additionally with Advanced Backup it can give Continuous data protection, application aware support for Microsoft SQL Server Clusters, Microsoft Exchange Clusters, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle DB, SAP HANA. Plus Data protection map and compliance reporting, Off-host data processing & the important features such as Group management of Microsoft 365 seats protection with Azure AD integration & Backup Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace up to 6 times a day