30+ Years of Experience

About Us

Netcom Systems since its inception in 1993 has been focused on providing IT services & products beneficial to clients using our domain knowledge & expertise.
Today, the health and viability of most businesses are heavily dependent on the strength, planning, security and robustness of their Information Technology (IT) infrastructure.
As a result, IT has become a high-priority issue in executive offices and corporate boardrooms, driving top management to provide proactive efforts that will ensure adequate IT security and availability.
The solutions division at Netcom Systems, is geared to help you focus on emerging IT issues as you develop and execute plans. Our services are based on insights into how leading organizations prioritize their efforts to ensure that their IT investments provide maximum security in the most cost-effective manner.

Our managed services ensure that our client’s IT infrastructure remains secure, robust and reliable to maximise efficiency and productivity within their businesses. We understand the value of business data and the significance of its security, privacy and accessibility. This is why we offer the most reliable solutions using the most reputable products, after all the loss of data can have disastrous consequences to businesses