Cloud Computing

Regardless of your size or type of organisation, you have a continual pressure to discover leaner, faster, and more efficient ways to work. We have been helping enterprises meeting such needs with fast, secure and reliable business systems to organisations for over 2 decades. But added to these basic requirements you may now be faced with a new stack of extra demands such as:
Availability: Provide access for staff anytime, anyplace – and increasingly, any device
Reliability: Reduce maintenance and downtime and their relevant resources.
Cost Effectiveness: Reduce cash flow turbulence by minimising the need to buy expensive infrastructure equipment

The solution is cloud computing.
With cloud computing you can turn your existing technology infrastructure into a service delivery model, virtualising users, applications and data to both manage them more effectively and provide your staff with more flexible ways to work. By hosting your users, their applications and storage space within a datacentre, your organisation can achieve manifold gains in availability, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Using applications and data no longer becomes dependent on the type of computer being used; Availability of service can be guaranteed through contractual agreements; and high capital costs can be reduced in a private cloud or replaced with a low monthly subscription with our public cloud services.

Our experience in creating hosted environments is invaluable for any organisation looking to deploy a private cloud or public cloud computing solution. Plus, we work with leading business application vendors such as SAP, Tally etc, and provide an invaluable hosted service for your line of business applications. We provide a customised approach to delivering a modern IT infrastructure that 100% fits your organisation; Microsoft Office applications, accounting systems as well as niche packages can all be handled by our cloud services team. And by moving to a hosted service model your organisation can focus on growing your business, not applying patches to a rapidly out of date infrastructure