IT Support Services

Netcom Systems is far more than a technology house. Our wide-ranging experience is also contained within a peerless level of support for your organisation. We are committed to ensuring your systems remain reliable and available, with a helpdesk at the very front of our call system and advanced tools coupled with trained engineers who resolve not just priority issues, but recommend improvements to avoid future problems too.

Areas we support

• Complete FMS Contracts
• End user PC hardware and software
• Server hardware and software
• Local and wide area networks
• Most computer peripherals
• Disaster recovery
• Internet connectivity & firewalls
• Mobile data communications
• End user training
• Data backups

Products we support

• Microsoft Operating Systems & Microsoft Office products
• VMware Virtualisation technologies
• Backup solutions including Acronis Cyber Cloud
• Remote location connections i.e. VPNs and remote management software
• Server and end user Antivirus & Antispam solutions
• 3rd Party API support
• Enterprise Resource Planning
• Accounts
• CAD and Graphics
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)